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Wordfall Water Show - vodopádová technologie, vodní obrazce

Poslat Tisk Ke stažení Dodal: Filip Nowak | 2016-12-05 15:43:11
vodopádová technologie, vodní obrazce

Vodopádová technologie, vodní obrazce

Název: Wordfall Water Show

Adresa: ul. Szczyglow 30,

44-200 Rybnik, Poland

Tel. +33 695544665

E-mail: info@digitalwatercurtain.eu

www: http://wordfall.eu/en

Vodopádová technologie umožňující tvorbu vodních obrazců dle přání pomocí pravé vody.


Magic digital graphic waterfall is a water screen (water curtain) that prints images from water drops. Amazing water show for all events


Wordfall digital graphic waterfalls are water screens that just like a printer print images from falling water drops. The falling images are not an optical illusion or a light projection. The water streams are real and you can touch them.

In order to amaze people visiting a hotel, museum, aquarium or any other place we Install the Wordfall graphic waterfall permanently. Falling figures are easily modified to inform and delight the audience. We install the magic waterfall anywhere in the world.

We also rent the machines for temporary events. Amazing performances created by these digital water curtains also attract attention of participants of:

  • trade fairs
  • conferences
  • exhibitions
  • concerts
  • exhibitions (in shopping centres, museums, galleries)
  • and many more ...

We are open new business connections in Great Britain.

More details: http://wordfall.eu/en

Video: http://vimeo.com/91308134

Preferable companies you are looking for:

Event agencies, exhibition stand construction and designers and others.

Communication skills (languages): Polish, English, Spanish, French